April 2020 -- COVID-19 Update: I hope you are all well and taking care of yourselves. I wanted to update everyone about the status of my practice during the shelter in place order. I am available for treatments as needed on a case-by-case basis. Chiropractic care is deemed an “essential service” for health care, including both preventative and crisis care. I am following all CDC and California Chiropractic Association guidelines for safety, including the use of gloves, mask, and disinfecting all common areas and equipment between patients. In addition, I am building in extra buffering time in between appointments and fewer people are passing through the building. However, if you are experiencing any of the symptoms associated with COVID-19 — fever, sore throat, dry cough and shortness of breath — please do not come in and instead call your general practitioner immediately.

The purpose of this site is two fold. First, if you are not familiar with me or my practice, it can act as an introduction to both who I am and how I do what I do. You can find out how to contact me (I am always happy to actually speak to you in person to answer any questions you may have), or find me.

Second, if you are already a part of my practice, this website acts as an adjunct to my care. Here you will find information about me and the philosophy of my practice, as well as some helpful, healthful tips. I value your opinion and enjoy hearing from you, so comments and suggestions are always welcome!

I have big news! Starting in December 2018, I will be practicing on Mondays and Wednesdays at the
Petaluma Wellness Arts Center, located at 517 Hayes Lane in Petaluma. I am both excited and honored to practice with the great practitioners here! Please note the changes to my schedule:

In Kentfield:
Tuesday: 10 - 6
Thursday: 10 - 6
Friday: 10 - 6

In Petaluma:
Monday 9:00 - 5:00
Wednesday 9:00 - 5:00

I have started shifting my focus from the health blog here on the site to posting regularly on my practice’s Facebook page. There you will find relevant health related articles and some of my own health tips, updated regularly. Please stop by here, and if you want updates, please “like” me here:

Thank you for visiting my site, and I look forward to working with you!

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