Maintenance Care vs. Crisis Care

Patients frequently ask me how often they should come in for appointments. In order to answer this, I will separate my care into two categories – ‘maintenance’ and ‘crisis.’ Maintenance care patients generally will schedule appointments every 3 to 5 weeks (depending upon the individual case). The advantage of this kind of care is it helps the body maintain a certain amount of stability, or homeostasis. This way, if you do get injured or some other imbalance occurs, the body tends to recover more quickly because it recognizes this adjusted, stabilized state as the ‘norm.’ It also can represent a sound part of a larger foundation of regular wellness awareness within our lives, along with exercise, proper diet, etc.

Crisis care entails waiting until injury occurs to come in for a visit. This usually will require more visits to reach a stabilized, pain-free state. I understand that due to both time and budget constraints, maintenance care is not always possible. If crisis care is the only possibility, I encourage you to try to get in as soon after the injury or perceived imbalance as possible. Hopefully this will reduce the amount of time and treatments necessary to recover verses letting a dysfunctional process get worse.

This would be a good opportunity to remind you of my 5 and 10 treatment packages. I originally decided to offer these so patients could ‘sample’ wellness care. They are designed to encourage taking a more maintenance or preventative approach to your health, not only with a monthly ‘tune-up’ and increased awareness, but also helping to lay the groundwork for a whole new way of viewing your health.


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