My philosophy of practice is a very holistic one. I regard the body as a whole organism, and therefore I take all parts of the system into consideration, muscles as well as bones. For this reason, I incorporate deep tissue work with gentle chiropractic adjustments, utilizing cranial sacral therapy, stretching and other therapies to reinforce my care.

I believe in spending extra time with my patients, usually 30 to 45 minutes, so I can work with each person individually, catering my treatment plan to meet each individual’s needs. It is a gentle, yet thorough approach to chiropractic care. My care extends beyond the office, as I help my patients implement healthful strategies including stretches and exercises they can do at home, nutritional counseling, and analysis of work, play and general life habits.

One of my main goals is to increase each patient’s awareness of his or her own body. The purpose of this is for each patient to gain a basic understanding of proper posture and become more in tune with what helps and what can harm his or her body. This in turn stabilizes and strengthens the body and eliminates future problems. This is true for people of all ages, so I encourage the whole family to come in — adults and kids alike.